1. When/how did you discover your passion for dance?

    I discovered I loved dancing when I used to watch music videos and concert tours of artists like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Janet Jackson. I constantly learned their dance moves and saw myself doing the same thing in years to come.

  2. What was your first big break/how did you get started? And how did it come about?

    I started out dancing in high school in a traditional Nigerian dance group, competed in a national dance TV reality show and came out top 3. I did not start training as a student until I got to America. Back home then dance was more like a street thing, not taken professionally. I began teaching dance when I relocated from Nigeria three years ago.

  3. What accomplishments to date are you most proud of?

    Putting together an Allstar afro dance team called “AfroFunk”.

  4. Why did you launch your brand?

    I did not launch a brand. I am just being me, creating art.

  5. What is the one thing we should know about you and your classes?

    I make people laugh in my class.

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