5 Things to Know About Step/Stroll

  1. What is Step/Stroll?

    Step/Stroll is a class formatted to teach the foundation, culture, and history of traditional stepping and strolling while forging it with old school and new-age dance grooves. It focuses on enhancing rhythm, precision, and overall connection to music; not to mention, a high energy cardio workout to your favorite hits. 

  2. Who is it for?

    The class is open to all levels. No matter what your level, the class is designed to challenge and encourage you — with different step sequences to a wide range of music, you will connect to the energy in the room!

  3. How did you come up with it?

    I came up with Step/Stroll as a class format to spread the history and culture of stepping and strolling, mostly geared towards aspiring dancers in the industry looking to learn a new style.  It also served as a creative driver for me to explore new elements of the style with a versatile mix of students.

  4. What’s your favorite part of teaching Step/Stroll?

    My favorite part is equally watching students light up when they get a sequence right or when they are frustrated trying to get the sequence. Both triumph and perseverance mean the most to me for a style that is so close to my heart.

  5. When did you start officially teaching this class and why?

    Step/Stroll began in 2012 in LA, as a series of workshops at varying studios eventually becoming a permanent class at studios like Debbie Reynolds and IDA. The class is also taught in master class format for domestic and international students. The class is an opportunity for students to learn foundation and culture of stepping/strolling with the intent of exercising and innovating fusions with other dance styles.