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  1. When did you discover your passion for dance?

    I’ve always loved to “try” to dance since I could walk. I’ve discovered I couldn’t live without dance when I was about 16, finding myself dancing every second I could.

  2. What was your first big break?

    I would say my first big break was choreographing and artistic directing for French Montana and Nicki Minaj music video “Freaks”.

  3. What accomplishment to date are you most proud of?

    I’m most proud of my company - when I say my company I don’t only meant DHFWorldwide, I meant the members who I can call my family.

  4. Why did you launch your brand?

    We decided to launch Dancehall Funk because it was needed to bring dancers together and I couldn’t only love one style or culture of people through dance. It was a must.

  5. What is one thing we should know about you and your classes?

    One thing I feel people should know is that we don’t teach dance, we guide lives through dance and through our cultural experiences.

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Alison Barajas