Dancehall Funk Worldwide Lorenzo Hanna
  1. What is Dancehall Funk?

    Dancehall Funk is not only a dance company but also a dance style that fuses styles like Jazz, Hip Hop, Afro, and other styles including music genres, which our dancers bring, including their own personal “Funk”. We really encourage you to discover and be YOU through dance.

  2. Who is it for?

    The people. Everyone.

  3. What’s your favorite part of teaching Dancehall Funk?

    Being close and personal with people and watching them grow.

  4. When did you start teaching this class and why?

    I started teaching DHF in the mid-90’s and it was patented in 1998. I felt it was the perfect way to bring people together through the language of dance.

  5. Where can people find your regular classes and information about them?

    Regular classes are in Los Angeles and you can find information on our website.

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Alison Barajas