1. What is I'm So F.A.C.E.Y.? 

I’m So F.A.C.E.Y stands for Faithfully, Accomplishing, Challenges, Every, Year. It is a motivational brand that covers all the things I do such as acting, dancing, fitness, musical artist and motivational speaking. The brand also includes merchandise like t- shirts, bags, and hats.

2. Who is it for?

The brand is for everyone to be inspired and motivated by. Anyone that wants better for himself or herself, this brand is a symbol for that person.

3. How did you develop I'm So F.A.C.E.Y.?

I’m So Facey started when I was at a nine to five job. Facey is my last name and I turned it in an acronym and gave it meaning. The acronyms came to me at my job. Faithfully, Accomplishing, Challenges, Every, Year.

4. What's your favorite part of teaching? 

Favorite part of teaching is making someone excited and happy to want to dance or learn how to dance.

5. When did you start teaching this class?

I have been teaching dancehall for over 6 years and I have recently created a fitness program that I recently started teaching.

Do you want to dance with Jason? He will be in Austin and Houston June 1 & 2! Click below for tickets.

Alison Barajas