1) When/how did you discover your passion for dance?

I grew up in a family that danced (tap, modern, jazz, social) so dance has always been a part of my life.

2) What was your first big break? And how did it come about?

I’m not sure hot to answer that because I have been teaching dance for 30 years. I consider every opportunity a “big break”.

3) What accomplishment to date are you most proud of?

I danced in a show at the Ford Theater with my son and daughter on stage with me. I choreographed for my friend’s dance company and we performed in Hollywood.

4) Why did you launch your brand?

I created Get2Werk Fitness to provide quality dance and fitness opportunities to underserved communities.

5) What is the one thing we should know about you and your classes?

Prepare to let go, sing, sweat and to feel accomplished!

Learn more about Get2Werk here. Want to dance with Mychele? Get tickets below for one of her two Austin classes or join us for our special Pon Di Beat Zumba Flash Mob Experience!

Alison Barajas