1) What is Get2Werk?

Get2Werk is me, Mychele. Classes and experiences curated by me based on my training and experiences in dance and fitness. The reason I called my company and trademarked brand “Get2Werk” is because if you want results you have to put in WERK! It was a little inspirational mantra I would tell myself before I taught my classes. In 2012, Get2Werk is what I branded as any experience with me teaching. So my branding became, Get2Werk with Mychele as my fitness tagline that stuck. I love it!

2) Who is it for?

I design my classes for everyone! I have worked with many cultures, age groups, abilities and levels. I pride myself with a breadth of my years of experience for being able to modify on the spot for all students to feel like they can try a class that they may have bypassed before.

3) How did you develop Get2Werk?

I have danced, competed and taught professionally for years prior to becoming a certified fitness professional. As a member of gyms and dance studios I saw that there was a void of classes that catered to the middle ground or student that did not resemble what some would consider “fit.” There was music that wasn’t hearing, shared experiences that I would see at a house party, for instance, that I didn’t feel when I took class. I wanted to party with like-minded people and create that atmosphere. I wanted to create a space for people of color to feel fun, familiar and authentic while they WERKed towards their fitness goals.

4) What’s your favorite part of teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is watching students be seen and heard. I have been told over the years that when people come to class that they feel important and that they appreciate that I “SEE” them. I love learning names and hearing stories; watching my students evolve.

5) When did you start teaching this class and why?

I teach what I love. I am certified for and teach what resonates with my spirit. I am constantly learning and making sure that I stay educated in fitness science and trends to curate safe spaces. I became a Zumba instructor, specifically, because I wanted to lose weight. I was 210lbs and I figured that if I taught, I’d meet my weight loss goal and have fun simultaneously. I got certified in 2011 and quit for 6 months, cancelled my classes and I regretted that decision. I renewed my certification and Zumba has remained one of my favorite classes to choreograph and teach.

Learn more about Mychele here! If you want to dance with Mychele, get tickets below or join us for our Pon Di Beat Zumba Flash Mob Experience!

Alison Barajas